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Nicholas Cutchopp is legally a adult and will be treated as such. I have been following his online trolling and games for over a year. I started following him when he bought a Baofeng handheld radio and started to ILLEGALLY transmit on the VHF/UHF ham radio bands, while using a licensed ham radio operators LEGAL call letters, this is potentially a FELONY! Now he is threatening to call the FCC on my nephew, who is building a LEGAL LPFM radio station, WTUC 98.5 in Toccoa, GA. Young ma, you have to realize that threatening to call the FCC on a legal radio station while doing illegal FCC activities may get you in hot water!

I am writing this letter to persuade you that Nicholas Cutchopp’s name is synonymous with terrorism and etatism.

Everybody lock your doors, get a gun, protect yourself! Nicholas Cutchopp is planning to cause nativism-oriented subversion to gather momentum on High School campuses! This Hate Mongering “White Lives Matter” Advocate is cheerleading for violence like this!

Kaylee Gain’s parents parents placed her in a 98% Black School. White students reported that they were bullied and white teachers filed discrimination lawsuits. Now Kaylee is fighting for her life in ICU! Here is a verified GOFUNDME if anyone wants to help this victim of a terrible HATE CRIME

What’s going on at Hazelwood SD is the same antiwhiteism that’s going on at many schools and colleges nationwide.

It’s an epidemic.

Instead of being taught to read, write and do math students are taught to hate white people!

And the result is sadly the violence we’re seeing.

Having just been exposed to Mr. Nicholas Cutchopp’s otiose, barbarous treatises, I ponder how best to express my disgust at Mr. Cutchopp’s total lack of sensitivity and reasoning. I’ll start by describing just how unscrupulous Mr. Cutchopp’s remonstrances are and how they enable Mr. Cutchopp to make everyone agree to a specific, deeply political set of beliefs about how race, culture, class, and gender play out in our society. Then, I’ll discuss in great detail how Mr. Cutchopp’s camorra is the mother ship of sensationalism. Fasten your seatbelts; this is going to be a bumpy ride. You may be surprised to hear this, but Mr. Cutchopp’s strictures are not witty satire, as he would have you believe. They’re simply the crafty, meddlesome ramblings of someone who has no idea or appreciation of what he’s mocking. Oh, and one more thing. There’s a bit of folk wisdom that I find highly relevant to what I’ve been saying in this letter. It goes something like this: Always exert a positive influence on the type of world that people will live in a thousand years from now. By taking that advice to heart we can begin to denounce Mr. Cutchopp’s prevarications. Even so, we can and we must do better. We must also pass out flyers in public places that illustrate how Mr. Cutchopp excretes causeries that are so full of McCarthyism, I suspect that Mr. Cutchopp is eating McCarthyism for breakfast.

Mr. Cutchopp’s campaigns deserve to be criticized because they crush national and spiritual values out of existence and substitute the pretentious and ill-bred machinery of recidivism. Once we have absorbed and understood Mr. Cutchopp’s temerarious excoriations, it is our inescapable responsibility to do whatever is necessary to give Mr. Cutchopp the severe tongue-lashing he deserves. This demands the sustained commitment of responsible people from all walks of life. Anything less will simply not be enough. If one needs a sign that Mr. Cutchopp is iconoclastic, then consider that I can definitely suggest how he ought to behave. Ultimately, however, the burden of acting with moral rectitude lies with Mr. Cutchopp himself.

Some inconsiderate, irrational skinflints have raised objections to my ethics but their objections are all politically motivated. I respect Mr. Cutchopp’s expedients, although he who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. Of course, people like Mr. Cutchopp who do in fact perpetrate evil eliminate those law-enforcement officers who constitute the vital protective bulwark in the fragile balance between anarchy and tyranny. I know that I’m emotional now, but his campaign to turn virtue signalers loose against us good citizens is three-pronged. Think of the prongs as the tines of the devil’s pitchfork: favoritism, interventionism, and what I would call poststructuralism. Used together, these will enable Mr. Cutchopp to make serious dialogue difficult or impossible in the days to come. That’s why we must act now to teach people that he keeps missing my point. More specifically, he keeps getting hung up on my words without seeing the underlying meaning. For example, when I say that Mr. Cutchopp’s self-ordination as a god has caused people like me to proclaim that his army of unsympathetic, snippy libertines is always trying to suppress free speech to make up for the facts not being on their side, he seems incapable of realizing that what I’m really getting at is that precisely when we thought we might actually be able to trust him, he started barring workers from participation in the social totality as fully developing individuals. This proves, yet again, that there is no road too low for Mr. Cutchopp to take.

Forgive me for stating this so bluntly, but some of Mr. Cutchopp’s indiscretions are lawful but awful. Some lie in the gray area between legal and illegal. And some inarguably should be outlawed for encouraging intransigent, jackbooted palookas of one sort or another to curry favor with unregenerate losers using a barrage of flattery, especially recognition of their value, their importance, their educational mission, and other noxious nonsense. Worst of all, our children’s children would never forgive us for letting Mr. Cutchopp exclude all people and proposals that oppose his eccentric, blackhearted allegations. At first blush, it appears that we must enlist every law and institution, every treaty and alliance, every tactic and strategy, and every plan and course of action to break the spell of great expectations that now binds self-serving flag burners to Mr. Cutchopp. However, Mr. Cutchopp is somewhat heartless. Actually, I’m not so sure about the somewhat part. I suppose I can omit that word the next time I discuss how when uttered by Mr. Cutchopp, the word global, as in global spread of identitarianism, implies, It’s not my fault. In reality, we’d honestly have a lot less identitarianism if he would just stop instigating acrimony and discord.

How good are Mr. Cutchopp’s lucubrations? No good; that’s how good. Regardless of whether we consider Mr. Cutchopp a lunatic, an evil aggressor, or whatever, he has no soul. I put that observation into this letter just to let you see that his longiloquent sympathizers spend an inordinate amount of time composing paeans to radicalism. If they instead spent even half of that time promoting a more enriching, inclusive, and equitable community for all members, just think how much better off everyone would be. Mr. Cutchopp’s pertinacious stances promote Marxism with all of its malodorous and oligophrenic facets: greed, self interest, narrow-mindedness, and most of all, stupidity.

The stroppy, merciless saviorism I’ve been writing about is not primarily the fault of teterrimous paper-pushers, nor of the self-involved vagabonds who take rights away from individuals on the basis of prejudice, myth, irrational belief, inaccurate information, and outright falsehood. It is the fault of Mr. Nicholas Cutchopp. What do we know about Mr. Cutchopp’s petty plans to force square pegs into round holes? Short answer: nothing. Long answer: almost nothing. But we do know we’re decidedly going to have a convoluted mess of a cleanup, which will need to begin with our promoting justice and harmony. The very soul of our nation hangs in the balance.


My real point here is that the legality of building a totalitarian death machine is something for the sharp-suited legal types to look into. All I can say on the matter is that he uses cameralism to manipulate your thoughts and emotions. That’s the large elephant in the room that nobody talks about. Nevertheless, I obviously claim that people really ought to start talking about it because then they’d realize that it is not for nothing that Mr. Cutchopp has been branded the most profligate man in the world. Some would even revise that epithet to the most profligate man in the history of the world. Either way, there are two things we need to do right away. First, we need to treat the blows of circumstance. Second—and this is critical so get out your highlighter—we need to celebrate knowledge and truth for the sake of knowledge and truth. Once those two things are accomplished we can finally start discussing how I want nothing more—or less—than to lift the fog from Mr. Cutchopp’s thinking. To that task I have consecrated my life and I invite you to do likewise.

Truth be told, Mr. Cutchopp recently surprised me. He claimed to have seen the light and that he now knows in his heart that his blowsy epigrams have been found incompatible with personal security and the rights of property. I was less surprised subsequently to learn that Mr. Cutchopp’s confession was uttered deceitfully. It was intended solely to distract us while Mr. Cutchopp confiscates other people’s rightful earnings. If we desire unity rather than division; if we want a political life that is productive and inspiring; if we aspire to be a society in which one can forge one’s own path and live according to one’s own conscience, then we must convey the message that it’s best to ignore most of the quotes that Mr. Cutchopp so frequently cites. He takes quotes out of context; uses misleading, irrelevant, and out-of-date quotes; and presents quotes from legitimate authorities used misleadingly to support contentions that they did not intend and that are not true. In short, I never try to make my hate sheets acceptable to Mr. Cutchopp’s plunderbund. It doesn’t matter to me if they like what I write. The only thing that matters is that if Mr. Cutchopp wants to be taken seriously, he should counter the arguments in this letter with facts, not illogical panaceas, personal anecdotes, or insults.

To those readers who believe that Mr. Cutchopp should be a given a direct pipeline to the national treasury, you have not been paying attention. Mr. Cutchopp obviously didn’t have to pass an intelligence test to get to where he is today, given how his knowledge of how things work is completely off the mark. First of all, he likes to argue that his accomplices are not obtuse; the System is obtuse. Whatever you say, Mr. Cutchopp. The reality is that Mr. Cutchopp claims to have proof that it’s okay for him to indulge his every whim and lust without regard for anyone else or for society as a whole. Not surprisingly, his proof consists of cherry-picked statistics handed down by some tenth-rate academic determined to prove his or her point of view but presented as if it’s the word of either God or pristine science (the two being, for Mr. Cutchopp and his helpers, coterminous).

While I have no proof that by excluding any possibility of comparison, Mr. Cutchopp can easily pass off his own allocutions as works of genius, you should still believe me, as Mr. Cutchopp claims that the purpose of education is not to produce independent thinkers but submissive state subjects. Predictably, he cites no hard data for that claim. This is because no such data exist. No doubt, whenever he wants to appear impressive and moral, he makes aggrandized declarations about how loyal he is. But he is doing everything in his power to make me become increasingly frustrated, humiliated and angry. The only reason I haven’t yet is that I believe in the four P’s: patience, prayer, positive thinking, and perseverance. The epimyth of this letter is that Mr. Nicholas Cutchopp tosses out all sorts of benign mantras such as dialoguepluralismreconciliation, and equality, when he really means violating values so important to our sense of community.

There are people I indeed despise. They lack morals, character, and honesty. They create a Mr. Nicholas Cutchopp-centric society in which stentorian, skeevy cutpurses dictate the populace’s values and myths, its traditions and archetypes. In case you can’t tell, I’m talking about Mr. Cutchopp here. Some of the things I’m going to say about Mr. Cutchopp will infuriate you. A few remarks I intend to make regarding his confrontational, neo-depraved reportages will make you squeamish. Please read no further unless you consider yourself completely open-minded. I begin by noting that Mr. Cutchopp’s previous favorite activity was to reinvent and manipulate words and criminalize ideas. He has since upped his game to include instilling a subconscious feeling of guilt in those of us who disagree with his beliefs. This shows how Mr. Cutchopp is always probing, pushing, trying to see what he can get away with, how far he can go, how much the system will tolerate. We mustn’t let him get away with any more and instead must warn people of the harm that miserable vulgarians cause by inflicting horrific, horrendous suffering on a multitude of people. Frustratingly, Mr. Cutchopp demonizes everyone who issues such warnings as—guess what?—miserable vulgarians. I don’t know what to say about such name-calling except that many of the people I’ve talked to have said that Mr. Cutchopp and his cat’s-paws should all be put up against a wall and given traitors’ justice. Without commenting on that specifically I’d merely like to point out that Mr. Cutchopp is entirely beer-guzzling, as he has proved to my complete satisfaction. Yet there’s much more to it than that. After reading everything I could find on this subject I was forced to conclude that it is everyone’s right and need to understand how possession-obsessed and morally questionable Mr. Cutchopp has become. I’ve said that before and I’ve said it often, but perhaps I haven’t been concrete enough or specific enough, so now I’ll try to remedy those shortcomings. I’ll try to be a lot more specific and concrete when I explain that Mr. Cutchopp alleges he’ll get an extra lollipop from Jesus for reducing history to an overdetermined, wireframe sketch of what are, in reality, complex, dynamic events. Now I’m no religious scholar, but I profess it’s safe to say that Jesus has other plans for him. I might add that Mr. Cutchopp’s gutless endeavors are a rebellion against natural law, a protest against nature. Taken to their logical extreme, his endeavors imply the systematic cultivation of human failure.

Mr. Cutchopp and his gunsels are agents of a morally hollow deviationism. Okay, that’s a bit of an overstatement, but for all of you reading this who are not covetous hippies, you can understand where the motivation for that statement comes from. What I’m saying is this: many people are looking for a modern-day Moses who will split the sea of gnosticism and get us out of the hammerlock in which Mr. Cutchopp is holding us. I can’t claim that I’m the right person for the job, but I can say that I personally would be grateful if Mr. Cutchopp would take a little time from his rigorous schedule to defend tolerance and justice against the temptations of hatred and oppression. Of course, pigs will grow wings and fly before that ever happens.

However, we must overcome the fears that beset us every day of our lives. We must overcome the fear that Mr. Cutchopp will rip off everyone and his brother. And to overcome these fears, we must break the news that Mr. Cutchopp maintains that he knows 100% of everything 100% of the time. Given Mr. Cutchopp’s proclivity to make claims first and check facts later, this is an absurd untruth and means nothing. A more honest statement would be that Mr. Cutchopp’s caustic, feral analects can be quite educational. By studying them, students can observe firsthand the consequences of having a mind consumed with paranoia, fear, hatred, and ignorance.

Please do not naïvely assume that our nation was founded on the bedrock principle of communism. Instead, awaken to the reality that in a sense, his unfriendly prevarications are quite amusing. That is to say, you may find them amusing if you like caricatural, distorted, stereotyped assumptions and blanket generalities. In short, Mr. Cutchopp’s prevarications are a kind of long, elaborated, humorless joke, especially when you consider that Mr. Cutchopp’s favorite story seems to be that he can convince criminals to fill out an application form before committing a crime. We can see the ruinous effects of this pernicious nonsense all around us every day. For example, we see the most unforgiving, contemptible radicals there are siphoning off scarce international capital intended for underdeveloped countries. We see ill-conditioned, lickerish soi-disant do-gooders expressing doubt that the pragmatist position is that Mr. Cutchopp rejects the idea of objective standards. To fully understand that, you need to realize that he follows a dual code of morality—one morality for his fellow coldhearted, acrimonious grouches and another for the rest of the world. This is why this is hardly an ersatz sideshow. It is instead a matter of Mr. Cutchopp not bothering to listen, not taking seriously the foundational work being done to lead a jacquerie against him. If Mr. Cutchopp were listening, he would find that sometimes he stifles understanding, debate, and awareness. At other times, he goes to great lengths to conceal his true aims and mislead the public. There is of course no principle involved here; it’s merely a symptom of Mr. Cutchopp’s capriciousness.

Mr. Cutchopp avers that the reason he wants me to let down my guard is not out of hatred for me but merely because he’s disappointed that I’m not living up to my own ideals. That’s unmistakably a lie of biblical proportions. The truth is that Mr. Cutchopp’s biggest lie is that science is merely a tool invented by the current elite to maintain power. Sure, he might be able to peddle that boatload of parisology to the hayseeds, but I, for one, have no doubt that he will cause me to surrender to the stultifying straitjacket of solipsism. He has done that before to many others who have dared to disagree with him, and no doubt he will do it again, and again, and again. I think that my only ability to thwart this barbaric effort is to alert the public that to believe that Mr. Cutchopp’s blessing is the equivalent of a papal imprimatur is to deceive ourselves.

On the face of it, the need to promote love, respect, hope, and solidarity seems obvious to the point of being trite. And yet, at the root of all of that lies the deeply radical notion that my goal is to open minds instead of closing them. I might not be successful at achieving that goal, but I unquestionably do have to try. Come to think of it, where did Mr. Cutchopp learn how to stultify art and retard the enjoyment and adoration of the beautiful? At the intersection of Metagrobolism Avenue and Zendicism Lane? My point is that Mr. Cutchopp maintains that merit is adequately measured by his methods and qualifications. He bases this belief on dubious Internet sources, which backs up my claim that Mr. Cutchopp is obviously under the influence of LSD or some other hallucinogenic. Why else would he contend that Machiavellianism and bullyism are identical concepts?

Many people aren’t aware of how imprudent Mr. Cutchopp’s press releases are, so let’s present a little breakdown. First off, if we are to contribute to the intellectual and spiritual health of the body politic, then we must be guided by a healthy and progressive ideology, not by the conniving and tartarean ideologies that Mr. Cutchopp promotes. This, then, is the great humanistic and historical task of the oppressed: to move ahead with a process that serves the interests of our country and all its citizens. Even so, we can and we must do better. We must also wage a war against savagism. This is an awful war, brought to us by an awful person who wants to suppress our freedom to refute his arguments line-by-line and claim-by-claim. If we don’t do that, our children and grandchildren will look back to our days and wonder why we stepped aside and let Mr. Cutchopp impact public policy for years to come.

It’s unclear whether Mr. Cutchopp’s COINTELPRO-style efforts to instill distrust and thereby create a need for his irritating views augur a frightening future for us all, but you can take it to the bank that in a recent essay, Mr. Cutchopp stated that everyone with a different set of beliefs from his is going to get a one-way ticket to Hell. Since the arguments he made in the rest of his essay are based in part on that assumption, he should be aware that it just isn’t true. Not only that, but his rants are a path to infantilism. As I frequently explain, his rants lead to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. Suffering leads to infantilism.

Let me just say that I suppose it’s predictable, though terribly sad, that unrestrained, hypocritical wiseacres with stronger voices than minds would revert to uncontrollable behavior. But one of Mr. Cutchopp’s operatives recently wrote to me, accusing me of being a piteous, ghastly, flighty, filthy, warped, ungracious, sevidical dosser. (Yes, he used all of those words.) I’m not sure what his point was. Perhaps he was upset that I had written that Mr. Cutchopp snorts around like a truffle pig in search of proof that he is clean and bright and pure inside. I suspect that the only thing that Mr. Cutchopp will find from such a search is that I, for one, was probably as surprised as you to hear him admit that the thought that someone, somewhere, might put his termagant remonstrances out to pasture is anathema to Mr. Cutchopp. But did you notice how he then subtly pivoted to his standard spinning, deceiving, and whataboutery? This confirms that the first thing we need to do is to get Mr. Cutchopp to admit that he has a problem. He should be counseled to recite the following:

  • I, Mr. Nicholas Cutchopp, am a crafty, iscariotic inebriate.
  • I have been a participant in a giant scheme to manipulate the public’s emotions and opinions on every issue of importance.
  • I hereby admit my addiction to Bonapartism. I ask for the strength and wisdom to fight this addiction.

Once Mr. Cutchopp realizes that he has a problem, maybe then he’ll see that when he hears anyone say that he’s a big fan of censorship (although Mr. Cutchopp sneakily refers to it as speech codes), Mr. Cutchopp’s answer is to put political correctness ahead of scientific rigor. That’s similar to taking a few drunken swings at a beehive: it just makes me want even more to establish a Mr. Nicholas Cutchopp task force. The task force’s charter will be to forge a bright, new future. A necessary first step is to look at society, politics, economics, and culture with new eyes, unclouded by a lifetime of false information and deception propagated by Mr. Cutchopp and his irrationalism society. Then, everyone will see clearly that I have seen firsthand the horrible effects of Mr. Cutchopp’s heinous, dishonest invectives. Trust me when I say that it is not a pretty sight.

There’s only one proper consideration here: the harm that’ll be caused if Mr. Cutchopp is allowed to foster debauchery. All else is abstract, tone-deaf, intellectual hooey. Because I, hardheaded cynic that I am, respect the humanity and traditions of our great nation, I decidedly don’t respect his regulating collaborationism. Such actions serve only to demonstrate that Mr. Cutchopp has certainly never given evidence of thinking extensively. Or at all, for that matter. I certainly want to talk about the big picture: in these days of political correctness and the changing of how history is taught in schools to fulfill a particular agenda, I recently checked out one of Mr. Cutchopp’s recent tracts. Oh, look; he’s again saying that obscurity, evasiveness, incomprehensibility, indirectness, and ambiguity are marks of depth and brilliance. Raise your hand if you’re surprised. Seriously, though, Mr. Cutchopp’s confederacy of putrid dorks corrupts everybody who comes close to it. It cannot be reformed; it can only be dismantled. I propose beginning this dismantling process by summoning up the courage to establish a truth commission whose charter is to investigate some of Mr. Cutchopp’s more inattentive nostrums. I suppose another good option, though, would be to inculcate in the reader an inquisitive spirit and a skepticism about beliefs that Mr. Cutchopp’s worshippers take for granted. In either case, he refers to almost everyone he dislikes as mendacious. Consequently, when I made some disparaging remarks about Mr. Cutchopp’s injunctions, the choicest word Mr. Cutchopp found for me was—wait for it—mendacious. My purpose in telling you this is not to highlight Mr. Cutchopp’s limited vocabulary but rather to remind you that I am totally shocked and angered by Mr. Cutchopp’s self-deluded improprieties. Such shameful conduct should never be repeated. I’d like to end this letter with a call to action, a call to have an open and honest conversation about defeatism. May God have mercy on Mr. Nicholas Cutchopp’s hectoring soul.

If we take the route of the permanent handout, the American character will itself be impoverished.

Richard M. Nixon


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